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iWoda Apple Watch Glass Screen Protector

Get the ultimate in anti-scratch and anti-glare protection with the iWoda Protective Film for Apple Watch. Manufactured using the latest nanotechnology and the highest quality materials, the film has exceptional smoothness and transparency while providing up to an incredible 9H scratch protection. The film also has a unique antistatic treatment which helps ensure your screen remains dust free. The film edges have been rounded using imported leading edge treatment technology, maintaining the curves of the Apple Watch’s display and ensuring the film edges won’t get caught on other objects.


  • Rated up to 9H scratch protection
  • 1mm thick
  • 2.5D curved edge
  • The film is exceptionally smooth and transparent, so images are brighter and colors more vivid
  • Antistatic treatment prevents dust build up on screen
  • Organic silicon nanoparticles push air out, making it easy to install without bubbles

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